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We’re Taping Up The Holidays At Bamboo Shed

Greetings from Bamboo Shed. We hope that everyone is enjoying this wonderful time of year. Most of us are trying to come up with a few creative and budget friendly ways to add some festive touches to our home or office decor. It just so happens that Bam! Tape masking tape is a great tool for adding color, whimsy, and style to your seasonal decor. You can use Bam! Tape to decorate art canvasses, walls, hard floor surfaces, banisters and even your office desk.


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I love this adorable tree that my kids taped on an art canvas. After they created the tree, I helped them attach a few lights around the back of the canvas with thumbtacks, and voila! A fun and merry decoration that lights up the room. This is a great project to try with your children. You can create a personal holiday gallery. The beauty here is that you can remove the tape and reuse the canvas for all of the holidays and seasons.


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Does anybody here have one of those busy little elves that shows up around December? Ours gets into all kinds of predicaments. Last year he found our colorful masking tape and surprised us with a tree decoration in the living room. Unfortunately he got a little “caught up” in his work. Don’t worry, he managed to unravel himself!

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Don’t forget to use your colorful masking tape to add a special touch to your gift wrapping. Whether you are going for whimsical or sophisticated, colored masking tape can help you create a special and unique package.

Always check to be sure that a surface is safe for tape application before you start your project. Test in an inconspicuous area first. To avoid damage do not leave tape on a surface for an extended period of time.

If you would like to try Bam! Tape, you can order it on Check out our gallery for more masking tape inspiration, or visit us on Pinterest. Happy Holidays to you!

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