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Masking Tape Art Mural Project

There seems to be no end to the artistic possibilities with masking tape. Schools are putting it to use as a medium that students can use to “paint” the halls so to speak. Many school hallways are empty and uninspiring, especially in the higher grades which often lack student art work. Many schools are trying to turn this around by putting rolls of colorful masking tape into the hands of students and giving them the go ahead to unleash their creativity. The results are nothing short of amazing!

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I hope to see even more installations using colorful Bam! Tape masking tape. Learn more about the Collingswood Middle School tape mural project here. The students studied the art of Buff Diss to get their inspiration, and then they went to work on those blank canvases. Check out our post, Masking Tape Graffiti, to see more about this artistic application for masking tape, including the amazing work of Buff Diss.

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Featured Image: Collingswood Middle School Masking Tape Mural, Image Source

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