High-Temp Kapton Tape by Bamboo Shed: Polyimide / Silicone Masking Roll For 3d Printing, Soldering, Insulating Circuit Boards & Electronic Repair, Amber–Size: 160mm x 33m


WHY TAKE A RISK WHEN YOU HAVE OUR OPTION? This Kapton tape works great, and it keeps your 3D printing projects from sticking to your build plate. The adhesive on this tape is perfect for 3D printing because it is thick enough to go on without ripping. This tape will last a long time on the plate, especially when you are careful removing your part.
DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES FOR SUCCESS! Bamboo Kapton tape is compatible with most heated bed 3D printer surfaces, because it has the perfect width, (6.3 inches) to cover most beds with one or two strips. Your print projects will come out great and the tape will also help the ABS hold on to the bed. Forget the hair spray that you were using to get some extra stick on the bottom heat tray.
WE OFFER YOU SUPERB QUALITY: Our Polyimide film roll has anti-static properties and is coated with a pressure sensitive high performance silicone adhesive. It removes cleanly without adhesive residue, and it features excellent puncture and tear resistance. This Kapton tape has excellent electrical performance.

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