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Masking Tape…A Practical Matter

I love talking about all of the artistic applications for masking tape. I have a penchant for mixed media art, so we know where my heart lies. On the other hand, I do have a practical side, so I truly enjoy discovering the many ways that I can put colorful Bam! Tape masking tape to work for me. I am amazed at all of the simple problems that masking tape, especially the pretty kind, can solve. 

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This past Christmas I used Bam! Tape to secure an extension cord along the wall next to a mantle that I decorated with twinkle lights. This image from a company that makes cable stickers was my inspiration. Before masking tape: an ugly dangling cord. After masking tape: a neatly tethered cord with a bit of colorful whimsy. It took all of 5 minutes to set up!



Another fun and practical application is to use colorful masking tape for temporary decor. Whether you are having a party, or just need a little temporary perk of color, Bam! Tape masking tape is the perfect tool. If you need to bring in some of the beauty of nature, but want to spread it around without a vase, put masking tape to the task. Select a few vibrant sprigs of flowers and use colorful tape to fix them to the wall. You can create a beautiful backdrop for photos, or a pleasant entry welcome for party guests. Go over the top and inspire your future botanist or gardener!

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You can also use masking tape to decorate a container and then divide the opening of the container. Place one or two sprigs in each opening and they will all stay exactly where you want them in the arrangement. This is a fun and economical way to decorate tables for picnics, reunions, work shops and casual wedding receptions.


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Finally, but not to be forgotten, we have a true utilitarian application for Bam! Tape. I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of calendars. I rarely appreciate all of the pictures in a calendar, and they never have the right amount of writing space to suit my needs. Solution: make your own calendar, and put it on any wall.

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Use your favorite colors to go with your decor, and make it sized exactly how you want it. Add some number stickers, and your are set for the month! I absolutely love the “do it yourself” masking tape calendar, and the vibrant colors of Bam! Tape will work perfectly for this practical project.



Always check to be sure that a surface is safe for tape application before you start your project. Test in an inconspicuous area first. To avoid damage, do not leave tape on a surface for an extended period of time.


I hope that you are inspired to find some creative ways to use masking tape as a tool for practical problem solving. Please comment to let us know about some of the fun, creative and practical ways that you use masking tape. Happy taping!

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