About Us

Bamboo Shed is a small, “homegrown” family company. We are located in Boise, Idaho, otherwise known as “The City of Trees.” We live, work and play in Boise with our three beautiful children, who all happen to be the same age. We started Bamboo Shed as an opportunity to teach our children about starting and operating a business. We select, test and market our products as a family.

We go to great lengths to offer products that are high quality, functional and even fun. We carefully research and test all of our products before we decide to offer them to our customers. Quality and value are very important to us, because we know that our customers have high expectations.

Here at Bamboo Shed, we strive to offer more than merchandise. That is why we take the time to research and write about topics that are relevant to the products that we sell. We hope that you enjoy your experience with Bamboo Shed.