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Masking Tape Art Mural Project

There seems to be no end to the artistic possibilities with masking tape. Schools are putting it to use as a medium that students can use to “paint” the halls so to speak. Many school hallways are empty and uninspiring, especially in the higher grades which often lack student art work. Many schools are trying to turn this around Continue reading Masking Tape Art Mural Project

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We Built This City!

Tape is a very practical item. Moms and Dads use it for all sorts of important tasks, and so do kids. I’m always looking for my tape, and guess who usually has it? Yup, the munchkin squad! They are constantly stealing my tape, and when they use it they use a lot of it. Kids love tape almost as much as they love popsicles and puppies! Continue reading We Built This City!

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Masking Tape Graffiti


Masking Tape graffiti is quickly becoming a popular way for street artists to create masterpieces in public spaces. The novelty, practicality, linearity and non permanence of masking tape makes it a perfect medium for street artists. You will see it used in all kinds of places including walls, poles and directly on the streets and sidewalks. Continue reading Masking Tape Graffiti

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